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24 Hour Workout

Feb 19th 6pm- Feb 20th 6pm

Support Our Mission To Impact The Lives Of Colorado Springs Youth Through Sport!

Sponsor Our Workour Relay & Help Provide Scholarships and Opportunities to Youth in Our Community!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a 24 Hour Relay?

Over the course of a full 24 Hours, athletes and teams will take turns working out for 24 hours straight as a relay. At least one athlete will be working out at all times and may workout anywhere 20 Min-1 Hour at a time.

Why do it?

Full Armour Swim Team is committed to serving youth in Colorado Springs. It is our goal that we allow as many youth to participate in the sports as possible, but we also know that many families in our community do not have the resources to support their children participating. With the funds that we raise through our 24 hour relay, we will be able to provide scholarships to youth in our community as well as provide all of the youth on the team with opportunities that promote Positive Youth Development.

Is the 24 Hour Relay open to the public?

Most years we run a carnival the last two hours of the relay, however due to coronavirus restrictions we are unable to do so.

How do I donate?

You can donate by talking directly with the athlete who shared this event with you, by writing a check and mailing it to 1532 N Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, or pay by credit card through the link above!

Tune in on Feb 19th on Facebook or Here on our Website to watch our kids train!

How Will Funds Be Utilized

60%​ - Be Utilized For Scholarships

20% - Equipment

20% - Youth Outreach Events (Retreats)

Keep or Shave the Beard


Every year, Coach Jason puts his beard on the line for this fundraiser, athletes choose whether or not they want to join the Keep the Beard or Shave the Beard team. Which ever team raises the most money is what Coach Jason does!

You will have the choice to choose which one, or simply let the athlete choose!!!

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